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Brazilian speciality coffee. Delicious coffee from our own farm near Patrocínio with a citrus, vanilla and caramel flavour and aroma.

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It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to coffee from our farm. It has developed a citrus fruit flavour, especially orange and tangerine, the aroma of which you can also detect. Caramel and vanilla are also present. It's therefore a sweet coffee with a striking and pleasant medium citrus acidity. It leaves a silky mouthfeel and the aftertaste is pleasant and refreshing.

Fazenda Santo Antonio has been owned by the Andressa family since 2016. The coffee trees of Catuai 144 varietal yielding red cherries are therefore still young and have not reached their full height, but they produce excellent coffee. In 2021, the coffee was hand-picked and we then separated by hand ripe cherries from unripe. We dried some of the cherries on so-called African raised beds, while we dried others conventionally on a patio. The difference in the drying method was obvious. The coffee was drying slightly longer on the raised beds, as it was not exposed to the trapped heat of the day, which the patio released overnight. This resulted in a slight natural fermentation that gave the coffee its citrus notes.

After drying, we put the coffee in bags and left to rest for about 2 months. In principle, all specialty coffees go through this process, as it helps to develop the flavour and unifies the humidity level. After two months, we mechanically removed the cherries and separated the bad beans from the good beans. The final step was to screen size them. Only the best and largest cherries were sent to Slovenia.

We also sent a sample of our coffee dried on African beds to the Florada competition, organised by the popular Brazilian roastery 3 Corações (3 Hearts). The aim of this program is to promote women coffee producers, with sustainable production and care for nature at its core. To date, more than 2500 women growers have taken part in the program. In the 2021 season, our micro lot was ranked among the top 100 in the whole of Brazil.

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Cerrado de Minas


970 m


Catuai 144




Family Alves de Paula


100 g, 250 g, 1 kg

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