Rapadura, Green Coffee


Brazilian speciality coffee. A complex coffee with a fine, delicate acidity of medium intensity, a creamy body, and a chocolate and fruity aroma. You will also detect notes of caramel and brown sugar.

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The Yellow Bourbon from JC Grossi & Filhos will surprise you with its complex profile. Notes of caramel and brown sugar dominate the flavour, while the aroma is pleasant with hints of chocolate and fruits. The acidity is of medium intensity, but gentle. Rapadura is medium-bodied and creamy and the aftertaste is delicate and prolonged.

The Yellow Bourbon is part of the Family Reserve line. These are micro lots that the Grossi family cultivates with great care. The effort and attention are reflected in exotic and unique flavors that can please even the most demanding coffee connoisseurs. Family Reserve are special and unique lots that surprise at every harvest. Only the ripest cherries are picked, then dried on concrete patios, resulting in a very rounded and uniform coffee. This lot is unfermented, which emphasises the natural character of the yellow bourbon, a variety renowned for its high quality.

Cerrado de Minas is the first Brazilian coffee-growing region to be given the status of designation of origin (Cerrado Mineiro), giving it a status similar to wine-growing regions. With an altitude of 800-1300 masl and well-defined seasons (humid summers and mild, dry winters), this region is very suitable for growing coffee. Popular species here are Mundo Novo and Catuaí.

The Grossi family started growing coffee as far back as 1879. Today's family business was founded in 1972 by José Carlos Grossi. The beginnings were anything but ideal, as he faced difficult conditions for growing coffee, but immediately after the first successful harvests he took a step forward. he created experimental plantations where, to this day, Grossi & Filhos cooperates with research institutes to find out which minerals and organic compounds are best suited to the soil and to a particular type of coffee tree. This knowledge is applied to the cultivation of coffee, resulting in an exceptionally tasty cup of coffee with unforgettable aromas.

The harvest is done mechanically and manually, and the coffee is organically processed on the same day on the premises where little or no water is used. The coffee is then spread on a concrete platform, and the drying of certain coffee varietals is afterwards completed in three stages in mechanical dryers, which enhances their flavors and ensures the uniform quality of the coffee beans.

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Cerrado Mineiro


840-1140 m


Yellow Bourbon



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