Raoni 114, Green Coffee


Brazilian speciality coffee. Raoni 114 is perfect for lovers of sweet coffees with fruity notes.

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Raoni 114 is one of the Barbosa family's best crops, as evidenced by its exceptionally fruity and sweet profile. You will feel fruity notes especially strawberry accompanied by high sweetness which blends perfectly with medium-high acidity. This naturally processed coffee has also been anaerobically fermented.

Danilo Barbosa, the current head of the family business, works with the next generation, his sons Vitor Marcelo and Sergio Ricardo. The whole family is involved in the coffee business because they all share the same dream of sustainably producing the best coffee.

Danilo first harvested coffee in the Cerrado area in 1979. The success of the crop encouraged him to invest more in the coffee-growing business, to explore the area and to use the latest technology. The current production area covers 490 hectares, where coffee is grown with sustainability in mind.

The Barbosa family has shown concern for the environment on several occasions and nature has always been part of their agenda. Today, DBarbosa farms protect more than 186 hectares of forest in the form of natural reserves. In addition, they are also exploring ways to certify its properties in order to learn more about how to preserve the environment and produce 100% sustainable coffee.

The family is committed to producing the best possible coffee. Most of DBarbosa's coffee is processed naturally, but washed and semi-washed coffees are also available. The coffee is dried on concrete terraces, but the family has also built raised beds where they dry their best lots.

Cerrado de Minas is the first Brazilian coffee-growing region to be given the status of designation of origin (Cerrado Mineiro), giving it a status similar to wine-growing regions. With an altitude of 800-1300 masl and well-defined seasons (humid summers and mild, dry winters), this region is very suitable for growing coffee. Popular species here are Mundo Novo and Catuaí.

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Cerrado Mineiro


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