Brazilian specialty coffee. A complex coffee with notes of coconut, papaya, chocolate and floral notes.

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Cocada is the signature coffee of producer Rafel Vinhal, which surprises every year with its unique profile. Cocada is a traditional coconut pastry, very popular in Brazil, so you can expect notes of coconut. In addition, you will also detect papaya, chocolate and floral notes. The delicate acidity is not too strong and leaves a pleasant and delicate aftertaste. It is medium-bodied and creamy.

Cocada is 2x fermented washed Red Catuai 144. After the mechanical picking and sorting of the cherries, Rafel left the coffee cherries to ferment aerobically in a trailer for 30 hours. He then washed the cherries with cold water - thermal shock - to immediately stop the fermentation process. He then depulped the cherries and fermented them again anaerobically with water for 190 hours in large blue tanks. The coffee was then dried on raised beds, where Rafael dries all his best lots.

Vinhal Cafés Artesanais is a family business that started in 1988 when Zico Vinhal planted the first seedlings with his own hands. He then passed the business on to his son Afonso. His son, Rafael Vinhal, is the epitome of a coffee lover. He is not afraid to experiment with new processing methods along the way, often fermenting his lots twice or even three times.

The Vinhal family grows coffee on the 120-hectare Fazenda Recanto. When they bought it, several giant African mahogany trees already stood on the land, providing shade for the new seedlings. Sustainable production is therefore at the heart of the family business, and Fazenda Recanto has several certifications. The coffee produced by the Vinhal family stands out for its aromas and flavours, the result of innovative processing methods and passion. The family has won a number of awards, including 3rd place in the Cup of Excellence 2022 competition.

Cerrado de Minas is the first Brazilian coffee-growing region to be given the status of designation of origin (Cerrado Mineiro), giving it a status similar to wine-growing regions. With an altitude of 800-1300 masl and well-defined seasons (humid summers and mild, dry winters), this region is very suitable for growing coffee. Popular species here are Mundo Novo and Catuaí.

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V zrnu, Turška, Espresso, Kafetiera, Filter, French Press


Cerrado Mineiro


950 m


Rdeči Catuai




2x Fermentation (aerobic -> anaerobic)


Rafael Vinhal


100 g, 250 g, 1 kg

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