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Vodnik po brazilskih kavorodnih regijah

Guide to Brazilian Coffee Regions

The first things that come to mind after uttering the word Brazil are probably beaches, football and the carnival. The first image to appear in the mind of a coffephile, though, are probably neat rows of coffee trees hiding their caffeinated treasure under the cover of a thick foliage. Brazil is the fifth biggest country in...

Kava nas je pogoltnila v valovih

Coffee swallowed us in waves

In an era of fast internet and unstoppable globalisation, trends change faster than the ministers of Slovene government. Specialty coffee may seem like a hipster trend that will sooner or later run out of steam, but the fact is that the term was first coined by Ema Knutsen...

Brazilska kava skozi zgodovino

The History of Brazilian Coffee

IT ALL BEGAN WITH A LOVE AFFAIR Coffee used to be hard to come by. Legend has it that the Portuguese wanted a share of the coffee market, but they couldn't get their hands on the beans. To the north, Brazil bordered French Guiana, as it still does today, whose governor stubbornly...